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Vital Symptoms That Your Kid May Have Heart Disease

Heart diseases in adults are a potential risk to their health. But, if it happens to kids, that is a real tragedy. There is news that kids born with a hole in the heart or they have other heart problems after birth and in their growing age. If that happens to your kid that is threatening. You need to consult the best pediatric cardiologist in India to get your baby in the fine condition. Today, you will get to know about the symptoms of cardiac diseases in kids which are difficult to understand at the initial stage. For example, your baby can sweat more than other ones, but that can’t tell surely that she has heart issues. Palpitation can happen also due to caffeine. So, it’s quite important to know about kids’ heart diseases right now

Symptoms of Heart Diseases in Infants

They can’t tell their problems. So, you have to be extra careful to monitor if they are having following troubles-

  • Getting out of breath while feeding
  • Passing out
  • Getting sweaty while feeding
  • Gums or tongue turning blue

If you ever notice any of these signs, take your baby immediately to your pediatrician.

Symptoms of Heart Diseases in Toddlers

You will notice certain changes in your kid if he is not well. Are those for heart diseases? Know the symptoms well-

  • Fails to keep up physically with other kids
  • Passing out
  • Getting out of breath at little activities than other kids
  • Turning blue inside the mouth
  • Sweating excessively after little activities than other children

There are many parents who assume their kids are just weak to compete with others. Things may not be as simple as that. Consult pediatric cardiologist immediately.

Symptoms of Heart Diseases in Teens

They have a very busy life. Studies, friends, occasions, parties and all! Sometimes, they may ignore the symptoms just like that. But, being a parent you should be careful if they are having following problems-

  • Failing to match other kids physically
  • Turning blue inside mouth
  • Shortness of breathing than other kids after activities
  • Chest pain that increases with exercise
  • Sweating excessively than others after activities
  • Palpitations
  • Increased heartbeats
  • Dizziness

Ask your kid if he/she is suffering from any of such problem. Also, monitor them after physical activities for the symptoms. If you find these, you should not hesitate to make an appointment with a cardiologist.

How to Keep Your Kid’s Heart Healthy

Maybe your child doesn’t have any cardiac problems, but you should follow some healthy habits and make him/her follow those to get a healthy heart in later life. What can you make them do?

  • Keep them moving.
  • Limit timings for TV and computer
  • Let them play some sports
  • Let them eat healthily
  • Keep your family environment positive
  • Have dinner together
  • Check out their salt intake

Once you follow such rules, you can take good care of your kid’s heart. If they make these habits from childhood, they will follow these in later life which will be good for them.

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