Top 7 pregnancy prenatal care tips that every woman must follow

Top 7 pregnancy prenatal care tips that every woman must follow

Are you pregnant? Did the home pregnancy test gave a ‘+’ sigh? If that is so then Congratulations! It’s great news. But, after finding that you are pregnant through home pregnancy test, you should schedule appointment with the doctor. Know one thing that prenatal care is extremely important if you want a healthy baby. You also should take care of your health. It is said by leading obstetricians that one must start caring about oneself 3 months prior to conceiving. So, if you plan to be pregnant or start family planning three months after, care must start from today. Apart from following this section, you may also refer to pregnancy tips in Hindi given online.

Regular visit to the doctor is must

For healthy pregnancy, a lot of treatment and proper training is required. If you are not careful what to do and what not to do, there will be complications at the time of birth of the baby. To reduce any chance of complications during delivery, visit the doctor at the prenatal stage. The doctor can identify any problem at the earliest possible time to avoid future complications. The doctor carries out routine screening and routine tests. The doctor performs blood test to check for anemia.

Take all the supplements prescribed

When you are pregnant, what you eat will have profound effect on the baby. If you are prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements, do take that regularly. Even in the prenatal stage, the doctor prescribes vitamin supplements to prepare the body for conception. As the body requires a lot of nutrients, regular diet won’t be able to meet the nutritional needs.

Consume health diet

The food you consume will have effect on the baby. If you eat healthy, the baby will be healthy both at the time of birth and after the birth. Even when your child grows up, he will be healthy. Make sure you become careful of what you are eating. Keep in mind that inside you someone is surviving and needs to be healthy. The diet should be such that it fulfills your needs as well as the fetus.

Have crackers on your bed

A pack of crackers can really help if you suffer from nausea and morning sickness. It can soothe unsettled stomach or may relieve any feeling of uneasiness or queasiness. As crackers are high on starch, it absorbs gastric acid which is in excess.

Sleep is important

How do you sleep? If you sleep on the back, this posture can affect your back. Weight from the abdomen will sit on your spinal cord. Sleep on the left side for it is the best posture. It will also allow optimal oxygen to reach your fetus.

Don’t drink alcohol

If you drink alcohol, quit it 3 months before you plan a baby. Cigarette smoking or drinking alcohol is strict ‘no’ at the time of pregnancy. Having a bit of wine is still ok but it is better to settle for a cup of coffee.

Exercise and relax

It will be great if you can exercise and also do breathing exercises. A short walk to certain distance will do.

Pregnancy tips Hindi may be found online. So, you can now read valuable tips in your language.

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