Things You Should Know Before Consuming Marijuana

Things You Should Know Before Consuming Marijuana

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, is one of the most commonly used illicit drugs across the world. As per a recent survey by National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 19.8 million people across the USA use Marijuana. Even though there exists a lot of myth among people regarding Cannabis, it has been in use for ages. It comes from dried flowering pots and is useful to relive severe pain, nausea, chronic diseases etc. Marijuana consists of almost 120 substances, out of which, the main component is cannabidiol (CBD), and delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main mind-altering substance in marijuana. It has got a place in the medical field also, due to its many heroic features which make it one of the most researched plants used in medicine. It has shown its use in the treatment of nausea, vomiting, muscle control problems, etc.  Some researchers are also on the verge of finding the potential of marijuana extracts in killing cancer cells.

Legalization of Marijuana:

The legalization of recreational marijuana brought in a set of laws for testing cannabis products, thus giving a big platform for business and bringing a stop to the black market. After legalization,many recreational marijuana dispensaries came up and made people aware of the benefits of marijuana if taken in prescribed proportion. Even though marijuana remains illegal under federal law, many states have commercialized recreational marijuana, thus making a good business out of it. The legalization comes with many rules, like age limit for consumption, how much a person can buy and possess at once, the packaging, and taxes. The stores cannot ask for personal information other than government-issued identification to determine the consumer’s age.

After fully legalizing cannabis at the start of 2018, California’s cannabis industry has experienced tremendous changes in the market, especially since implementing mandatory safety testing on July 1st. There is particular pressure to overhaul requirements and standards for the testing companies that stand between cannabis suppliers and the legal market.

The needed test:

As per the laws, all cannabis products need to pass a range of lab test before being approved for consumer distribution. The testing includes making sure the THC is evenly distributed in edibles, checking marijuana buds for mold and confirming the potency is accurately labeled. All cannabis products must be tested for 66 types of pesticides and other contaminants like E.Coli.

As per the State Bureau of Cannabis control, dispensaries can sell only marijuana that has been tested for pesticides, contaminants, and microbial impurities. The lab also determines the plant’s potency, testing for a high level of THC and CBD, so that information can be included on the product label.

One of the major problems that the business clients face is the lack of local regulations that allow businesses to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute cannabis. Because of few regulations, there aren’t enough businesses that are fully licensed that are up and running that can provide these regulated products to the distributors.

The new state regulations including the laws for testing cannabis products formally took effect on July 1, 2018. The requirements are meant to protect the consumer and to make sure that cannabis-related products are safe for the consumer.

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