Things to consider during Hope treatment

Things to consider during Hope treatment

The main objective of the Hope Treatment is to keep the patient in the best possible physical conditions, achieve relief or improvement of the treatable symptom, prevention of complications that aggravate the situation and the establishment of measures or procedures aimed at maintaining the patient’s autonomy and quality of life as long and in the best possible way.


It has different forms of treatment depending on the affectation and the limitations that the patient presents in the different stages of his illness:

  • Kinesitherapy, try to maintain joint travels, prevent the appearance of deformities or frozen joints and enhance muscle tone and strength for as long as possible.
  • Respiratory physiotherapy, avoids the accumulation of phlegm, the appearance of infections and attempts to delay assisted ventilation.
  • Electrotherapy, whose purpose is primarily analgesic.
  • Ergo therapy-technical aids are devices or utensils designed and adapted to each patient so that you can achieve maximum independence with minimum effort in skills such as food, hygiene, walking, standing and mobility. The home adaptations should not be forgotten.
  • Hydrotherapy, get greater joint mobility, easier to perform mobility exercises and strength exercises with water resistance to movements, muscle relaxation, pain sedation, proprioceptive work, psychological improvement.

To begin the Hope treatment at, a neuromuscular evaluation and exploration will be carried out, always taking into account factors such as age, cardio respiratory capacity, swallowing capacity, level of nutrition, psychological state and general condition of the patient and, above all, predisposition to carry a plan of exercises on a regular basis, because this factor is very important even in healthy people if you want to get good results. This action will provide us with the necessary information to be able to design the treatment in an individualized manner based on the clinical data presented by the patient. This evaluation will be done periodically, normally every two months and after having taken a specific treatment during that time.

Keep in mind that the exercises should always be coordinated with the breath, so the physiotherapist should teach and educate the patient and their caregivers in this aspect, and establish respiratory exercises in an analytical and global including cough, from the first day of treatment, even without having any respiratory problem.

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