The how’s and when’s of condoms

Wearing a condom in the heat of the moment can be tricky. Here are some tips to set you right.

Condoms are tricky little things at the best of times, and sometimes they can become really embarrassing as well. You might fumble with one for too long, thus losing your partner’s interest as well as your erection. Or you might end up tearing the condom while wearing it, so you have to discard it and start again. Or the condom might tear during use, so you have to withdraw quickly.

The point is, wearing a condom correctly for sex is all about practice and getting the timing right. If you’re a novice to condoms, it’s time to start using them every time you have sex, and using them correctly with our tips below –

* Always wear it on an erect penis. An inexperienced man will wear a condom even before he has started having sex, but this is a big mistake. A condom is to be unrolled on an erect penis only. A flaccid penis will open out the condom, and when erect, it will result in tearing or bursting the condom. Wait to be erect during foreplay, and wear it seconds before you penetrate your partner or before they give you oral sex.

* Slip it on quickly, but carefully. It can get a little tricky to wear a condom in the heat of the moment. On the one hand, you’re raring to go any minute, and on the other, you risk going flaccid while you fumble with the condom. It takes a bit of practice to get the condom out of the pack, unrolled on the erect penis and worn properly before you can resume your activities – and all this, without losing your erection. Be careful not to puncture or tear the condom with your nails while slipping it on, and press the teat to release air from the tip before wearing it.

* You can pick a condom that you both enjoy. Condoms are primarily designed to prevent the spread of STIs and to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. But leading brands have been manufacturing condoms that heighten arousal, increase stimulation and also delay climax during sex. You can get dotted/ribbed, thin, or delayed climax condoms that both partners can enjoy during sex. Pick one that heightens pleasure and sensation, and which fits properly on the penis.

* Never have sex without it! Though you may be in a committed relationship with your partner, and be certain that neither of you has an STI or STD, you must still mandatorily wear a condom during sex. The only time you should not wear one is if you are trying to have a baby, and when both partners do not have any sexual infections. If not, then you must wear a condom to protect both of you during sex.

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