Ruckus Recreational: Certified Clean Green Marijuana Growers in Seattle

Clean Green Certified is the best cultivated cannabis certifier in the United States, which uses international sustainable and organic practices providing high-quality products, particularly with recreational marijuana. Founded in 2004, CGC has been created in order to regulate legal cannabis-products that label themselves as organic, making them a legitimate clean green certified marijuana.

Clean Green Certified

Founded and established in 2004 in the United States, particularly in California, Clean Green Certified has been providing professional processes and measurements in certifying a vast list of cannabis products, for both dispensaries and sellers, making each buyer obtain the best cannabis product.

Clean Green Certified is more focused on certifying medical marijuana that is as medical cannabis and another grade, most commonly known as recreational marijuana that is not yet legal under the Federal Law of the United States or so in some states. The job of Clean Green Certified is not to legalize medical marijuana, but to certify that each product is clean, safe and has undergone the process the Federal Law has indicated.

The Federal Law has indicated guidelines in certifying medical and recreational marijuana that implies the proper use of the plant in some parts of the United States that legalized it. Clean Green Certified is like the USDA, although Clean Green Certified offers a faster process, without sacrificing the thorough inspection of each organic cannabis.

The company has expanded to 7 other states in the U.S. which is a definite impression that they are providing the best services, particularly with dispensaries and dealers.

Their Process and Procedures in Testing Cannabis

Clean Green Certified conducts a thorough and meticulous process and standards in certifying a cannabis product. Their standards even go beyond the USDA, making them the best choice in the United States.

CGC requires dispensaries to have an on-site inspection and third-party lab testing. This process indicates and evaluates the whole life cycle of marijuana, which is rigorously inspected from seed selection to the harvesting and processing of cannabis. This is followed by the monitoring of the entire growth process of the plant; and the process includes monitoring the soil and nutrients the plant takes. Mold, dust control and pesticide use are also monitored.

Ruckus Recreational

Ruckus Recreational is a dispensary in Seattle that is certified by the CGC, providing a high-quality cannabis product which varies from medical and recreational utilization. The company is considered the best dispensary in Seattle and one of the best dealers of recreational marijuana in the United States.

The company guarantees each of their customers and clients the best product. They only partner with ethical vendors and have a wide list of clean and high-quality cannabis which has undergone a rigorous process of Clean Green Certified, assuring each customer that the quality of their products is top-notch and professionally evaluated.


For a clean green certified marijuana, you should consider purchasing at Ruckus Recreational for the best quality cannabis that ensures a clean and safe process. After all, it is essential to eliminate the harmful elements present in the plant, preventing unwanted side effects and unnecessary complications.

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