Pregnancy: the power to give life


Respiration is one of the important phenomena that human beings carry out each and every day and each and the minute of that day. The process never stops as stopping of this process will cause serious suffocation with which a human being can face death also. This process involves with the movement of the air from the external environment to the human body and also from the human body to the external environment. This movement of air particles are very much important because air contains oxygen, which is the mos6t important thing for the survival of human beings as without oxygen human will get choked. Although along with the oxygen, in air there are other air gases too that are suspended. Those are the carbon dioxide and the nitrogen. This carbon dioxide is not all required to the human body and if present causes a lot of harm to the body. So this gas is moved out of the body through this process as well. So it is very much understood the importance of this process that is occurring in the body. In the time of pregnancy woman in many cases face the problem of respiration rather breathing. It is mostly common and has a got a wide array of medicines and other treatments for the cure of the problem.

Respiration and pregnancy

During pregnancy the human female body becomes very much altered in terms of the functions and other properties. This altered condition is actually very much necessary for the woman to survive this tough condition. The changes goes away as the period of gestation is over and the mother delivers a healthy and a beautiful baby. And in many cases these particular changes make the female body very much compromised also as they get very much weak. Still the mother lingers on with such extreme pain for 9 months to see the face her child. It is very, much common that the woman face a lot of problem as they get pregnant. Respiratory problem being the most common. One of the reasons are that when the baby grows it takes a lot of space in the mother s womb and the space increase with time. So this causes the diaphragm to get constricted and thus its movement hampers which is the main reason for the problem in breathing.  For infection respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy is very much common in many varieties as well, which are very much effective also.

The Growth

This 9 months the baby undergoes not only increase in size but also development in the organs also. The mothers are very much eager to see their baby’s face and the hold their baby’s body in their own hands.Step by step baby growth during pregnancy videois what every mother is very keen to see. And it is possible as the doctors with the help of the ultra-sound system shows the mother their position as well as the well-being of the baby in the mother’s womb.

Care and observation

Doctors should be consulted at regular interval as the process is very much complex and it needs immense care and observation before the delivery.

Divine power

Thus lastly woman’s should feel lucky enough to have the power of this production of life in this earth which certainly unavailable to the man.

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