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Interesting Effects of Weight Gain or Weight Loss on Your Facial Signs of Ageing

Interesting Effects of Weight Gain or Weight Loss on Your Facial Signs of Ageing

While there is a lot of awareness today about gaining health by losing weight, it’s been seen that a little additional weight in women in their 40s is helpful to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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It’s said that over 40, a woman has to choose between her face and her body. The slimmer you are, the sooner your face will gather signs of aging.

This may give Goosebumps to many women who want to remain slim and look young too. But they would like to ponder upon a fact that whether you indeed have to give up your body image to protect your face.

Fortunately the answer is “rarely”. Actually you don’t have to sacrifice your health for a more young-looking face. Actually the answer to both dilemmas is in how you are able to manage adding a few pounds to your body.

The Plumper, the Younger-looking

According to plastic surgeons, a heavy person over 40 will appear younger than someone of the same age who is thinner.

But that doesn’t mean that the additional weight slows down process of facial ageing.

Not only does the additional fat fill out wrinkles, but also it may conceal other age-related signs like loss of bone mass in the cheeks and jaw.

These changes begin appearing in the early 40s when most women and men start noticing skin redundancy, as surgeons call it, i.e. the ugly jowls and folds that can make you look aged.

The skin as such may not be wrinkled yet, but even a silky-smooth complexion sags under the surface.

Damaged Muscles

According to professional plastic surgeons, skin redundancy is because of the damage to various facial tissues.

Firstly everyone suffers from some amount of muscle atrophy and with the shrinkage of muscles, the skin over them droops.

Secondly the faded muscle tone makes some fat on the cheekbones slip down, which deepens the “smile line” between lips and nose.

Here, the more fat in your face initially, the less obvious this change.

Thirdly, the underlying facial frame is reduced due to breakdown of supportive collagen and bone loss. By now, skin is too slack to shrink to fit.

As collagen damage is sped up by sun damage, tan lovers will experience these changes sooner.

Slimness and Wrinkles

Super-slim women get more noticeable wrinkles and droop sooner since they have so little fat in their faces that each and every breakdown seems magnified on the surface of the skin.

Women who suddenly lose significant amounts of weight in their late thirties and over, look older than if they had not lost weight, since the surplus skin just hangs.

Frequent changes in weight all through the life also make skin lose its tone, speeding up the formation of folds and jowls.

It’s not questionable that weight gain with age can reduce signs of facial ageing and it should not be a gain big enough to do even in a young-looking body; however, a small gain can plump up a drawn face.

Actually dermal fillers can have the same effect of plumping the face. You can find out the cost of dermal fillers in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

Image Courtesy: chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au

The more important thing to consider is the effect of weight gain on your health and longevity.

According to a controversial theory, a slight weight gain (some pounds) may not be harmful to your health. On the contrary, it may improve it up to a point.

According to experts, an ideal weight necessary for overall survival rises with age. This is against the theory of calorie control which claims that underfeeding and low weight over a lifetime may extend a human lifespan.

In such a condition, it seems the best that you should not be stressed much with calorie restriction and also not with facial signs of ageing because there are procedures like ulthera facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne to address them. So, just live a happy, stress-free life!

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