Feeling the Need for Couples Therapy? Here are 7 Reasons That Might Help You Decide

Deciding to go to couples counseling can be a very big step, but first, you have you admit that there is a problem and things are not going to be perfect in your relationship. Accepting that there is a problem is already hard as it is, the lack of knowledge about therapy and counseling adds to the hesitation so seek for outside help. Once you have accepted that you need help, there is a lot to take into account. With the plethora of choices, you need to put some things into account. You are finding an appropriate provider, financial aspects, commitment, and especially coming up with a time that would fit into everyone’s schedule. Looking for counseling services like Colleen Hurll Counselling may be hard, but in the end, it’s your relationship at stake, so it’s worth all the effort.

To unravel the mystery of the process, here are some common issues that signify that a couple would benefit seeing someone – a therapist, that is. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions Colleen Hurll’s anxiety counseling services and other counseling services will help you decide if they would be fit for you.

  • Broken Trust

Here we go, the most common reason why couples break up – or seek out therapy. I prefer the latter. It may be due to infidelity in the form of sex, or perhaps it was an emotional affair; perhaps it was a series of lies or financial mistrust. In any case, rebuilding the broken foundation of trust can be often achieved by both parties expressing their vulnerability in a controlled environment.

  • Frequent Arguments

Have you ever noticed that arguing became so frequent that it became a staple in your day-to-day routine? The arguments may start small but ultimately blows out of proportion leaving a trail of heartache. No matter how small or big the argument is, it may be because of underlying problems that aren’t dealt with properly.

  • Poor Communication

Obvious conflict may not be the problem, but you constantly feel misunderstood, or even ignored. You might feel that you don’t have any idea of what’s going on with your partner emotionally as of late; he or she might be somebody that you used to know – a stranger. One of the most striking outcomes of couples’ therapy is an increase in the couple’s communication and a major improvement in quality. An efficient counselor can provide and equip you with tools that will help you bring back the lost connection and understanding that you used to have and treasure.

  • You Can’t Talk To Your Partner

The beauty of therapy starts with the room itself: It’s a safe and controlled environment. The perfect place where you can bring up things that are difficult to talk about in the confines of your own home or a much more different setting. Trained professionals can emit a warm presence and help you overcome your fears of sharing something with your significant other.

  • Dysfunctional Conflict

The way a couple handles conflict predicts whether their relationship will go the distance or plummet into a downward spiral. It may be that you or your partner shuts down, lashes out, becomes vengeful or passive-aggressive. Unfortunately, there’s a myriad of dysfunctional ways to handle conflict – all serves to aggravate the original issue.

  • Poor Or Lack Of Emotional Intimacy

The honeymoon period usually lasts anywhere between 6 months and a year. The relationship still feels fresh and exciting, and you’re constantly learning new things about each other and having first experiences together. But inevitably, there will come the point in your relationship that it’s as if you’ve done everything together. That’s where the cliché; “the spark is gone” comes in. Everyone has their priorities; it just happens that the relationship gets re-prioritized due to the insistent demand for grinding through life. Sometimes it gets even worse, both of you are subtly growing apart, or you begin to become incompatible with each other, or even have your needs met elsewhere.

  • Physical Intimacy Problems

Sexual issues: both a symptom and a cause of problems in a relationship. More often than not, this has always been one of the usual suspects when it comes to a couple’s daily complaints. The change is usually obvious and frustrating; from endless physical intimacy to sometimes, to none, and that’s just baffling. At some point, it’s a gradual freeze from being fulfilled by each other sexually to barely being satisfied. Other times, there is more obvious conflict, with one partner expressing frustration, a partner constantly being rejected, or sex being used as a bargaining tool. Whatever the issue may be, a counselor can help on how to work things out.

Final Word

Whenever you feel that you and your partner have strayed far from what you have been, go on and talk about it. Open up, express yourself, since it’s healthier than keeping it for yourself.

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