Feeling Anxious? Curb Your Anxiety with Medicinal Cannabis

Feeling Anxious? Curb Your Anxiety with Medicinal Cannabis

Anxiety is a problem which has blighted our mental health for many years and people suffering from chronic anxiety has increased to record levels. Numerous studies have taken place with the aim of finding out how cannabis could play a role in reducing this anxiety that sufferers experience. Different strains will have different effects on different people. Some strains will prove effective at reducing feelings of anxiety for one, and increase anxiety for others. This is the nature of the beast.

Choosing the correct strain can be a difficult task. If you experiment and try new strains, you will quickly find out what works for you and what doesn’t work. The best thing to do is to start off with a strain that has low levels of THC. This will reduce the likelihood of you selecting a strain that will have too powerful an effect on your psychoactive chemistry. Strains that are high in CBD, which usually have low levels of THC, should be considered.

So, which strains should you try?

Strawberry Cough

This is one of my personal favorites and is perfect for those who suffer from social anxiety. This type of anxiety is one of the more difficult ones to try and treat. You want to use a strain that will make you more relaxed, yet keep you awake and alert. This strain has many excellent Sativa properties, and makes you feel relaxed, yet energized, which will help lessen your social anxiety.

Jack Here

An alternative strain to consider is the Jack Herer strain, which is quickly becoming one of the most well loved strains for anxiety. Just like Strawberry Cough described above, it has sativa like effects, but it has a slightly higher concentration of THC meaning you will have more of a psychoactive effect with this strain compared to Strawberry Cough.

Sativas are strains which are not for everyone. For some, they trigger racing thoughts and sometimes even exacerbate their feelings of anxiety. But, having used both for a few weeks, I enjoyed the relaxing calm I felt as a result of using the strain and I likened the effect to that of Jack Herer.

For more strain recommendations, we would recommend you consult your nearest dispensary and they will advise you on what strain to use for your own anxiety –

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