Easy Ways To Deal With Tingling in Legs

Easy Ways To Deal With Tingling in Legs

The numbness and tingling sensation of the limbs is a common and concerning condition. Many people face this issue for a short time, and thus its duration is temporary. There are situations like sleeping improperly with your hand being in pressure or sitting for an extended period such that the pressure on your legs has increased might cause temporary tingling in legs, and it goes away when problematic posture is improved.

However, when these ‘pin and needle’ like sensations persist for a prolonged period, either continuously or episodically, it should be immediately brought to a professional’s concern. The chronic tingling in legs and hands can be due to trauma, exposure to toxin, recurrent bacterial and viral infections and chronic diseases like diabetes. The tingling sensations are usually a sign of nerve damage which can be characterized by localized pain, numbness and in many cases, itching of the involved part.

In worst case scenarios, these damaged nerves can advance into becoming peripheral neuropathies. This is a highly complex disorder with over a hundred different variants. Peripheral neuropathy can cause a restriction in limb movement and even limb disability.

Causes: Due to its high occurrences and adverse effects, it is important for people to know what exactly causes tingling in legs.

  1. Diabetes: Someone with a history of long-standing diabetes is at a higher risk of Peripheral neuropathy. At initial stages, tingling sensations are likely to begin from both the feet and gradually move upwards to the hands. Such symptoms should be immediately brought to a doctor’s notice.
  2. Alcoholism: People who are chronic alcoholic are likely to have poor dietary habits and thus develop a deficiency of Thiamine and other crucial vitamins. This is a significant cause of tingling in legs in alcoholics.
  3. Radiation therapy: Individuals exposed to high-frequency radiations for long hours are likely to develop these sensations in their peripheral limbs.
  4. Anemia: Patients who are diagnosed with anemia especially pernicious anemia are lacking Vitamin B12 in their bodies, and this is a major cause of Peripheral neuropathy in anemic individuals.
  5. Toxins: Patients who are on long term medications like antiviral and antibiotic medications can cause a lack of vitamins in their body. Patients on chemotherapy concerning Lung cancer can also develop tingling in legs.

Treatment: If someone is having a tingling sensation in their legs for an extended period, it is advisable that they consult a physician about this. The treatment program is likely to include:

  1. Medications to bring the blood sugar level in control. Diabetic neuropathy significantly improves controlling diabetic levels.
  2. The patient should be subjected to Vitamin supplementation in cases of vitamin deficiency induced tingling in legs and hands.
  3. General recommendations of improvement in lifestyle like reducing or stopping the medication that is cause toxicity, eating a nutritious diet, maintaining an ideal weight and working out on a daily basis can significantly benefit people having peripheral neuropathy.

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